Freddy Winter

Social Media Specialist.

Free-lance Photographer and Videographer with knowledge of various editing programs such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Windows media. Mac user with knowledge in editing and encoding videos for iPhone and Android applications. Extensive knowledge about social websites like YT, Facebook, Twitter and blogs for Churches and other organizations. Filming, producing and editing videos for various non profit groups. Photography experience: I have covered many special events, edited and published projects for Churches and other organizations and ministries. I am also a writer for a online ministry that answers question from people around the globe. I write my own blog from a biblical perspective on various issues. Administrator for my own various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YT, Blogger, God Tube and more. Administrator for various church websites and ministries. My passion is creating, writing and sharing my faith via videos, blogs and photos using the internet.

10 thoughts on “Freddy Winter

  1. Hi Robbie, thank you very much. I wouldn’t mind at all if you used my picture for your book. I’m not sure if i still have the original because I had some hard drive problems a few years back and I lost some of my pictures because of it. I will look through my backup drives and usb sticks to see if I still have it. if you like you can e-mail me: Thanks, Freddy

  2. Hi Freddy, You took a classic photo called “Just another Day” which caught my eye and then I found out you are a Christian Photographer and much more! I have written a book called “From Krishna to Christ- a true story set in California.” Would it be possible to use your photo on the back cover of the book? I live in Jeffreys Bay South Africa. Thanks Robbie Hift

  3. Hi Freddy,

    Beautiful work! I’m in the process of creating a website and would like to discuss usage of one of your photos. Please give me a call @ 510/495-4562.


  4. Christine Blackburn

    Hi Freddy,
    I’m wondering if you ever give permission to use your photographs.. Specifically, I’m looking at your Solano Beach sunset shot to use as a background. It’s really have quite an eye! Let me know…thanks so much,

  5. Hi Freddy … Thank you for liking and following my blog…. I just visited your blog… it’s wonderful..!! It’s definitely worth keeping bookmark for..!! 🙂

  6. Hi Curtis, thanks for you comment. I live in Del Mar Heights and have lived in Encinitas and Cardiff. Some have used my pictures in their blogs. You should be able to “save image as” on your computer and insert it from there into your blog post. I hope that helps, if not, contact me. Blessings, Freddy.

  7. Curtis

    Hi Freddy, I lived in Solana Beach, Del Mar Heights and Encinitas for many years and I would like to use some of your pictures in my blog. How would that work?

  8. patrick ready

    Freddy! Ran across your contact info on linkdin. Remember me from Taylor guitars? You’re a believer now, PRAISE GOD!! Call me when you get a chance, i would like to chat with you. 760-216-7967. Bless you brother.

  9. Thank you Steve. I will give you a call this week. My wife graduated from Point Loma High as well. Blessings.

  10. Hi Freddy! It is awesome to read about God on your site.

    Hope to talk with you by phone concerning your night shot of downtown from Pt. Loma.

    I have lived in SD for 50 years…stunning photo!

    steve buice…graduated from Point Loma High… 1975


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