Solana Beach Staircase

3 thoughts on “IMG_4233

  1. I hope you got my reply, if not go back to where you left the comment and read my answer there.

  2. If you asking me how to put pictures with your articles on your blog, you need to click on the “add media” button which is above the box where you do your writing. Once you choose add media it asked you to browse for a file, choose the file you want to upload from your computer. (make a file with pictures you want to use) and click insert after you picked the display size. If you want the picture on tip of your article, make sure that the cursor is on the beginning part of your writing. If not it may up in the middle or somewhere else. ( you can still move it around). I hope that will help, if you have any more questions just write me again. Blessings, Freddy.

  3. Beautiful can I ask how do you put pictures in messages, I have beautiful pictures and stories that go with them just not sure how everyone is adding pictures.

    Thank you

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