The Land of Swamia

long exposure shot at Swami's Beach

long exposure shot at Swami’s Beach

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One thought on “The Land of Swamia

  1. Donna Guthrie

    This is so very inspirational from the spiritual side in faith that it takes the soul to the center of it’s core. The Core being God. The representation from the darkest of cloud color (those who don’t yet believe) to the reddish red color clouds (those who question if God is real) to the golden softness of clouds(those who believe n love the Lord) to the brightest light . (which is our God), This photo tells the story of God’s intent for us..that is, all of these colors (the people.. non believers to believers) are being drawn to the light of God to enternity with Him. It shows us that it is our choice to follow in the direction to the “light of God” or not. I am going to the “Light of God”…I am not going to be the darkest of clouds that drops to the waters to drown in regret for bad choices made. This photo is beautifully inspirational to continue the journey towards the Light of God into His eternity forever. This photo is worth a thousand words but comes down to three..BELEIVE IN GOD…

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